How To Avoid Speeding Fines

Are you looking to avoid speeding fines? Well, Iíve got news for you. Unless youíre ready to slow down and not drive so fast, Iím gonna tell you to expect more speeding tickets. Yeah, I know thatís not what you want to hear, but itís the truth. Cities are getting tired of people speeding, especially through work zones and school zones. Weíll get a bit more into that a little later in this article. The easiest thing to do is simply to avoid places that you know are very well known for giving out traffic speeding ticketsÖ you know what Iím talking about. Speed traps. On the interstates, cops love to hang out at the end of long turns, or just over a hillÖ places where they canít be seen. Theyíll be hanging out in the median and will even catch you if you speed past them going the opposite way on the interstate. I was shocked, one time driving through Texas on interstate 10, I was flying at about 90 mph. I saw a cop, a state trooper, fly on the opposite end, probably doing close to the same speed. I thought nothing of it, I just slowed down because typically when you see on cop on the highway, or trooper, there are more to follow. So from 90 mph I took it down to about 75 in a 70 mph speed limit zone. A few minutes later, after I even forgot about the cop, he was right there, right behind me issuing me a ticket. He clocked me at 90 mph.

One place where cops are not lenient at all is school zones. You are not going to avoid speeding fines in a school zone. The children are so well protected by todayís laws, and they should be, that just about any infraction involving children holds a steep fine. For example, when kids are getting on or off a bus, you are supposed to stop and wait, even if you are on the opposite side of the road. The only circumstance that you are not to stop is if there is a median there where children are not expected to cross. Other than that, you must stop. Traffic school is always something you can take to rectify speeding tickets, but if you are looking to avoid a speeding fine all together, then why donít you just drive smarter?

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