Speeding Tickets: Tips On How To Avoid Them!

Donít you just hate speeding tickets? They take up so much of our time and money. I mean, typically speeding tickets cost me $300 plus a year. I average about two of them. That breaks down to just under $30 a month. Thatís like paying another cable bill! I really need to slow down on the roads. I have a bunch of articles on this site dedicated on how to get your tickets thrown out of court, or at least reduced fines by taking defensive driving, but thatís not what this article is all about. Itís about telling you to slow down on the road!

School zones: Notorious for speeding tickets. First of all, itís not smart based solely on the fact that children are running around and they are not exactly well trained sometimes by their parents to stay off the streets. So when you see the school lights on, please adhere to the posted speed limit. You can get a child hurt and worst of all you could potentially kill one. Plus not to mention the fine that youíre going to get. And try to throw that ticket out of court? Good luck.

Also, watch out for busses as they drop off kids. Youíve seen them. They pull over to the side of the road and the stop sign comes out from the side of the bus. Obey it because one, youíll get a big ticket if you donít, and secondly you run the risk of hurting a child. These kids are small and canít always be seen. Thatís why traffic is supposed to stop for them. Plus it does not take long for the bus to get back on the road again, so just be patient and wait your turn to move again.

Construction zones: Slow down! Theyíll get you here if you are going too fast. You donít want to just zoom by here because things can always happen. Sometimes construction workers need to cross the road, equipment may roll out into the street, there are a lot of things that can happen. Plus, we should be concerned for the safety of the construction workers themselves. Respect them and ease up when you are in their zone.

Speed traps: There are plenty of those around your town. Cops are just waiting to hand out speeding tickets like they are lottery tickets to those that speed through these purposely made speed traps. I get made each time I get caught in one of these, but hey itís the law. If you speed, youíll get busted. So, be smart, donít speedÖ too much anyway. For one, the dangers and consequences are not worth it, and two, I hate paying those ridiculous speeding ticket fines over and over again!

Speeding Tickets