How To Avoid A Traffic Radar Effectively

Ok, so let’s say that you’re driving through town, and you know that there’s this one area that has a traffic radar just sitting there, waiting to snag you, what do you do? Here’s what I would do… avoid the path all together. There are plenty of routes, often shorter, that are not under radar surveillance. They are just trying to catch you speeding to issue you a ticket… a lot of cities do this. You can reroute your route by going to Map Quest and tying in your destination. And if you are not happy with that route, you can use another service and see if the outcome is any different. But the key point I’m trying to make here is instead of trying to fight the system, just go around it. Know what I mean?

A place where you don’t want to mess around in is school zones. There are plenty of traffic radar watchers there. They are there to get you. Of course, you should realize that speeding in a school zone is not right, even if the only consequence you’re thinking of is a ticket. You’ve got a lot of little children walking around and they could easily get hurt if someone crazy is driving like a mad man through the school zones. Our government makes you slow down in those because the children themselves are also sometimes unable to be organized and can horseplay and wind up in the street. If you are driving at a slower rate, then the odds of you running into one is slim to none.

Be weary of speed traps in construction zones. They’ll get you there as well. Often times speeding fines will double just because there are workers present. And think about it. If you were a construction worker, you’d want them to slow down for you, right? So why not extend the courtesy… slow down and drive safely. After all, those construction workers are working hard for you!

You need to be sure you slow down on the interstates as well, especially in areas that are curvy or have lots of ups and downs, like in a hill area. Reason for this is that cops love to set up a traffic radar to monitor the situation when you least expect it! There’s no need to panic if you go by doing just a few mph over… typically a cop will pull you over if you are doing 10 or 15 miles per hour over… anything less you can usually get by on.

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