Contesting Speeding Tickets Made Easy!

Ok, so you got a speeding ticket? Now you want to get out of itÖ hereís how contesting speeding tickets are so easy, at least for me. Let me explain. Iím the kind of speeding tickets. I get them all the time. Iím so sick and tired of them, itís driving me crazy. Anyhow, I probably average 2 or 3 tickets a year. I drive some very fast sports cars and I love to put the petal to the metal. Unfortunately, the state trooper has a different feeling for my love of speed. Itís hard to explain, but the love for the open air, speed and disregard for the speed limit, as I like to call it has an appeal to me. So anyway, how do I get out of the tickets? I donít have all my speeding tickets dismissed. Otherwise Iíd be driving like crazy all day everyday. First of all, if youíre going over the speed limit, say 20+, itís highly unlikely that you are going to get a break. Just keeping it real! Now, if you were going say 12 over, then you can show up to court and see if the judge will get the ticket adjudicated or at least let you take some defensive driving so you donít have to have it on your record forever.

Getting a ticket adjudicated is not as hard as it sounds. What I do, I go into the courthouse all dressed up. I typically work out of my house and write for my websites, like Iím doing now, so I donít have a dress code per se. So Iíll dress up, look important and educated and make my appearance in the courthouse at the date and time Iím asked to show up. I patiently wait for them to call me and when I speak to the judge, I just say these simple words, ďIíd like to get my ticket adjudicated.Ē A lot of times theyíll be impressed and do it for me. Sometimes theyíre old fashioned and say, breaking the law is breaking the law and youíre not getting out of it. But almost always they will offer you the opportunity to take a defensive driving class so you can get it taken off your record.

If you must take defensive driving, as they suggest while you contest your speeding ticket, my suggestion is to go to a comedy defensive driving class. Look it up in the yellow pages or online and Iím sure youíll find plenty of them. I was reluctant at first because I think how funny can they really be, but I was shocked. They really are funny and make the class enjoyable. They go over some of the basics, watch some videos but they interact a lot with the class, thus making it much more enjoyable.

Contesting a speeding ticket is much easier like I said if you did not go to much over the speed limit. Otherwise, Iíd expect to at least go to court and get some defensive drivingÖ

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