Be Smart And Fight Speeding Tickets If You Can!

If you fight speeding tickets, sometimes there is a chance that they can be removed. Just contest them and see what happens you, you have nothing to lose. Maybe a little time and effort, but besides that it痴 pretty much yours to gain. What I would do, as I have done in the past, is get dressed up really nice as if you are important and very well educated. Now, it kind of sounds like I知 stereotyping, and I am. I知 just keeping it real here, no games. If you want to get your ticket dismissed, this is what you have to do. Do dress up sharp and act like you own something for goodness sake. Maybe you really do, but if you don稚 this is the time to do it. As you wait your turn to be called up, notice everyone else. They are not dressed nice, so you will stand out. Once you are called up to speak to the judge, they will recommend a course of action for you. What I tell them is that I would like to have the ticket adjudicated. Many times they will do it. They look at me and think I知 a nice guy and I値l be abiding by the laws next time. Yeah right! I mean I知 not a killer, but a speeder, yes I am. So the ticket gets dismissed. You see, I contested it and won. Now, if they say no, and a lot of older more old fashioned judged will have the attitude of, the law is the law and when broken there are consequences. Worst case scenario, they usually give you a discount on your fine and you pay less then have to take defensive driving.

Here are some tips, as you fight speeding tickets that you legitimately got, and lose, just go to defensive driving. At the very least, you値l get a lower insurance rate possibly and the ticket will get dismissed from your record, thus not harming your auto insurance at the current time.

And if you fight the speeding tickets and win, next time just slow down. If you are in court too soon after, you can best that you won稚 have the ticked adjudicated, and you値l have to take defensive driving for sure just to get it off your record. Forget any savings on your insurance at that point just be smart. Stay out of areas that are prone for giving tickets. That痴 what I do, I知 staying away from the area that I got one last time and watching out for more places to potentially get caught be smart and you値l come out a winner and avoid those nagging speeding tickets.

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