You Are Being Watched By The Speed Camera Detector!

Youíre driving all along and you think that no one is watching youÖ but I have news for you! If youíre in a major city, chances are youíve just driven by a speed camera detector! These cameras are designed to catch you if you are driving too fast, or speeding. Typically, they donít do anything. Iíve knowingly blasted through a few of them just to see if they would record my speed, but maybe the radar was not workingÖ I never heard from them, never received a speeding ticket. So in essence I think they are there to scare you and do nothing more. But it does have a psychological effect on the driverís mind and makes them aware that someone else is watching, or that perception anyway.

Be careful when driving through school zones. There are plenty of speed camera detectors in school zones. Also, the actual cop sometimes has his radar gun out, just sitting there waiting for you to come by so he can shoot you like a sitting duck. Itís like target practice, itís that easy for them to do what they want with you if you are speeding in a school zone. So hereís a tip, know what time the school zone speed limit is in effect. In my school zone itís 9 to 11 am. In others Iíve seen it start as early 7 and last until 9 am. It just depends no the school zone and the district. Then there is a break for a few hours, until it starts up again. Probably between 2 pm and 4 pm in most cases. Stay aware of the times your areaís zone kicks in and youíll be one step ahead of the game.

Not only are school zones a place to slow down in out of fear of these speed camera detectors, but you also donít want to speed through construction zones. A lot of times youíll find that speeding fines double just because workers are on the job at that time. And you know, a construction zone can have men working anytime, day or night. Watch out for cones, and equipment that sometimes make it on to the street. Even men themselves are put in a compromising position where they can be hurt. So theyíd appreciate it if you would slow down for them and show some common courtesy. Not only is it lawful to slow down in these areas, this is another place where potential speed camera detectors are placed.

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