Radar Speeding Tickets Are The Hardest To Get Out Of, Here’s Why!

Ever gotten a speeding ticket, where it was caught using the radar? Radar speeding tickets are typically the hardest to get out of… it’s documented and you have very little wiggle room with the cop. They’ll pull you over and ask you in that country accent, “Sir/Ma’am, do you know how fast you were going?” Then you give them that innocent dumb look as you think “oh man, I was doing 79 but what should I say?” then you look to the cop and tell him, “sorry officer, I don’t know I was just driving.” And he/she looks at you and says “You were doing 79, this is a 70 mph, didn’t you see the posted speed limit?” And of course you make up excuse after excuse hoping that he/she will let you off. Well, after all that time, you’re still getting a speeding ticket, caught by the radar. The speed is documented on the ticket, so the best you can do is show up to court and try to get it dismissed, or at the very least try to get defensive driving so you have a chance to pay a lesser fine and possibly get it taken off your permanent record.

So what happens when you try to get this radar speeding ticket off your record? First you’ll show up at court with your ticket in hand. I recommend, as I’ve said numerous times on this website, dress for success. You will have to dress like you are super important, like you are extremely educated. In today’s age, that’s what counts. I realize that it’s not politically correct to be thinking this way, but I’m just trying to keep it real here. You heard it from me first! So as you show up, you are going to request that the ticket be adjudicated from existence. The judge will be very impressed with your terminology most likely and based on your appearance, you look like a professional, law abiding citizen, they are likely to grant you your request.

In the event that your request for the radar speeding ticket does not get dismissed, you can always attend a defensive driving course. There are alternatives to this, but I’d just recommend sucking it up and going through the class. It will also reduce your auto insurance if you tell them that you took it, but most important of all it will remove the ticket off your record. Radar speeding tickets on your record are not what we’re shooting for here, so take the class and move on with it. Try to keep your driving record clean for a least a few months to get rid of this older offense.

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