Clearing Up Traffic Ticket Records

Do you want to have spotless traffic ticket records? If so, youíre not alone. Iíve spend a great deal of time on this website going over ways to avoid speeding tickets, traffic violations and exactly how to show up to court to clear up your records and get back that pristine driving record we all wish we hadÖ or have. Perhaps you are looking to get rid of a parking violation, a speeding ticket or something more intense, such as speeding in a school zone, or construction zone. Either way, the information you find on this website will help immensely. So you ready, letís go! Hang on to your hats because you are about to learn some great information that I never learned regarding cleaning up my traffic ticket records.

The easiest way to clear up your traffic ticket records is to not get a ticket at all! Yeah, I know, easier said than done. Trust me, Iíve been getting tickets for years. You may as well call me the ticket man! Funny, I know. But seriously, I average about 2 or 3 tickets a year. That may translate to 300 or 500 a year in fines. Thatís almost $50 a month in penalties! Ouch! That breaks down to a pretty nice monthly bill, and Iím tired of paying that. So hereís a method that Iíve perfected, or almost anyway to get rid of most traffic tickets on my recordÖ here goesÖ

When I go to court, I dress up so nice, I outshine most CEOís of major corporations. I respect everyone, and my attitude is polite. When I am called up to the judge, I request that my ticket be adjudicated. What does that mean? Itís a legal term and it means to be thrown out of court. You will show this judge that you are educated, powerful and a professional. If you take a look around while you are waiting to be called up, the same cannot be said about most of the people in there. Thatís why the judges are so impressed. They donít see people like you often and only see those lesser nicely dressed people, one after another, day in and day out. Itís kind of prejudice, I know. But this article is not meant to be politically correct, rather itís meant to tell you the honest truth about whatís going on. If you want your driving record to be clean and get rid of all the traffic tickets, this is a must!

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