How To Avoid A Radar Speed Camera Detector

Weíve gone through on some of the articles on this site on how to avoid speeding tickets. Those are pretty obvious. If you want more information, please check out the links on this page and youíll be sure to find what youíre looking for. What Iím talking about here on this page specifically is how to avoid a radar speed camera detector. All of the larger cities in the US are starting to adopt this. European cities have been using this type of technology for years. Itís kind of funny how the US is slightly behind the times on this one, as we are typically the on the forefront of technology. Sometimes we have to give credit where credit is due.

Another place where radar speed camera detectors are commonly found is school zones. More often than not youíll get a ticket going through the school zones by a physical cop, not by mail. These camera detectors are set in strategic locations where people least expect them. Personally, Iíve been speeding for a long time. I have enough speeding tickets from here to the moon it seems like. I probably average about 2 tickets a year. Its not that Iím a fast driver, the reason I get so many is that I donít pick my spots well, where to speed and where not to. So lately, Iíve been using better judgment and it has paid off. Itís been well over a year and a half since I got my last ticket and looks like Iíll be a while longer without getting one. I drive through areas that I know very well, so there is no need to speed. I also know the areas in which I can go fast, and where I need to take it easy. It really helps if you know your area well, thatís a huge key.

Donít just speed though construction zones either. For one, itís not showing much respect if you just blast through there with no regards for the construction workers, but two, if you speed you may get caught and even worse, the fine will likely be double. So make sure that when you see the signs, slow down to the suggested speed limit. That will give you plenty of time to evaluate where you are going and make a judgment call based on what you see. Also, there are radar speed camera detectors hovering in the area as well, so be aware of that. While I canít guarantee that there are, most likely the speed is being monitored and that will continue as people keep on speeding through these zones.

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