How To Fight Traffic Tickets And Win!

So you got a traffic ticketÖ probably a speeding ticket. Or perhaps a parking violation. Whatever you got, you can win the battle. Hereís what do toÖ you were given a court date on the ticket. So what you want to do is get dressed up and look like a professional. If youíve read the other articles on this site, youíll see that I recommend it a lot, and for good reason, it works! And I need you to pay attention and realize that what Iím saying here is very important. So dress up like a pro, if youíre a guy, that means suit and tie. If youíre a woman, well, you know what to wear. Iím a man so I canít tell you what to wear, but make it look like an educated professional. If you take a look around while you are waiting in court, youíll see a lot of people dressed poorly. Maybe because a lot of people there are poor. I donít mean to be politically incorrect, thatís not what this article is about. This article is about helping you fight traffic tickets and winning them, so you need to know how to do just that. By differentiating yourself form the people waiting on their own ticket, youíll be one step ahead of the game. Think about it, the judge sees these people all day, and very few successful people, and very few people who say what youíre going to learn right here, right now!

When you wait for your traffic ticket to be called up by the judge, think about what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. You are going to request that your ticket be adjudicated. What does this mean? It means to dismiss and throw it out of court. He/she will be so impressed at the fact that you know what the word means. Itís a legal term and seldom used outside of court or legal issues. And remember, since you look like a professional, a law abiding person, you are less likely to recommit the offence, thus making the judge more likely to do what you say and throw it out of court. Now, sometimes this wonít happen so easily. You may have to explain some things back and forth. Just comply with what they tell you, explain your story honestly and the judge will make the call from there. Sometimes they recommend you take defensive driving classes, which is better than nothing. At least youíll get a reduction in the fine and possibly a discount on your auto insurance. And once you prove to the court that you took the class, typically it takes 90 days before the ticket gets taken off your record. That goes for most traffic tickets. So fighting traffic tickets is not really all that difficult if you have the right strategy and mindset.

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