Fighting Speeding Tickets Is Easy, When You Know What To Do!

If you know what to doÖ fighting speeding tickets is quite easy. I donít know how else to say this, but Iíve already talked a lot about it on this site, so you may want to click on some of the other articles and read up more on speeding tickets and how to avoid them. Basically you want to start abiding by the traffic laws. Automotive and traffic violations are getting more and more expensive each year, taking more money out of your pocket! So letís say you are driving along and get a speeding ticket. The cop does not want to give you a warning. You sign the ticket and promise to show up in court. What Iíve said before on this site to do is to get dressed up. If youíre a man, dress up in a suit and fix your self nicely. Shave, comb your hair, the whole nine. If youíre a woman, dress up in a nice office style outfit. Iím not a woman so I canít best recommend how to look, just look professional. Itís kind of sad that in this day and age people give preference to those that look important and well educated, but itís true. So Iím taking advantage of that. Once you are called up to the judge tell him or her that youíd like to have this speeding ticket adjudicated and thrown out. Maybe you donít have to say ďthrown outĒ but the adjudicated part for sure. Theyíll do one of two things. Either do it and throw it out of court, or secondly, they may make you take defensive driving to get the ticket off your record eventually, but youíre not totally off the hook yet. You are going to be expected to show proof that you took the classes and pay the fine. If you donít take the classes I the allotted time period, the ticket will stay on your record, and you canít fight to get that removed. So fighting speeding tickets is easy, if you know how to do it right. What I suggest is that you find a defensive driving class in your local area that also does comedy. At first, I thought Iíd never find a funny one, but I was shocked. I was entertained and Iíd go back just for the entertainment value. But as fun and humorous as it was, they still make you watch those cheesy videos recommended by the government that put you to sleep. So drive safely and slow so you donít end up having to fight the ticket in the first place

Speeding Tickets