Speeding Tickets, Court Appearances And More!

So you have a speeding tickets court appearance coming up, right? What! You have more than one speeding ticket? Slow down here partner. Iím only taking about if you have only one court appearance for one speeding ticketÖ ok, so letís get started. Iíve gone over many times on this site what it takes to get out of your speeding ticket, especially if you have to show up for court. So you argued with the cop, told him you were not speeding, did not see the sign, yada yada yada. He (assuming the cop is a man) did not buy any of your story. Gives you a speeding ticket and requires that you show up on such and such date to court. You show up to courtÖ now hereís where most people mess up. They donít know that they can request that the ticket be thrown out. Now, before you go crazy singing songs and getting too excited, let me tell you that this is not 100% guaranteed. But if you follow my advice here, you are more likely to get what you want than notÖ so listen closely.

First tip, when you show up to court, dress nice. I mean really nice! You want to impress the judge so much that they will find you an educated person and someone of importance. Everyone loves to feel important, its psychological. They want to think that they are doing someone important a favor, because they see themselves as important and will see you on an equal level to them. So dress up. If you are a man, a suit will do, and tie. If you are a woman, dress professional. I canít really suggest what to wear because I am a man, but Iím sure you women get the hint. Then ask the judge if you can have the ticket adjudicated. Most times, they will do it for you. They are impressed with your persona, knowledge of the law, and you look, appear, and act important, so why not.

In the event that your speeding ticket does not get adjudicated, for whatever reason, as my method is not 100% foolproof, the next course of action may be defensive driving. So my suggestion is to find a defensive driving course in your town that offers comedy classes. You are still required to watch a bunch of boring videos, but at least the interaction with the instructor will be a lot more fun than just sitting there watching the clock. So this is your best bet after adjudication to handle your speeding ticket.

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