“I Have A Speeding Ticket, Now What?”

I hear every one of you that land on this page, “I have a speeding ticket, now what?” You are franticly looking for options on how to remove the speeding violation off your record or how to avoid defensive driving… well, it all depends on how fast you were going. If you were doing 20 + forget about it. You’re going to be paying a nice hefty fine. Of course, defensive driving is always an option to help reduce the time that the ticket stays on your record… but you will have to pay a good chunk of change. What I would do if I were you is try to slow down next time, abide by the speed limit and obey all traffic laws. Were you really in a hurry that bad? If you could do it all over again, my money says that you’d not speed. And that’s ok. I’ve done it before, we’ve all done it.

So let’s suppose that the offence, the speeding ticket, was not all that bad. Maybe 10 or 12 mph over the posted speed limit. Now we have options. What I’ve been saying all along on this site, you want to dress up when you go to court. Don’t walk in there looking like a slob. That’s how everyone else looks like. I hate to sound mean or rude, that’s not my intention here. I’m just saying that most people you find in there are not very “clean” so to speak. If you show up a professional, you will stand out, in a good way, in front of the judge.

So once you are in the courtroom, just sit there and wait patiently as you wait with your speeding ticket in hand. Once you are called up to speak to the judge, they typically review the ticket with you and ask you what you intend to do… are you going to pay today? Are you going to plead “not guilty?” Those kind of questions. What you will tell the judge is that you would like to have the ticket adjudicated. First of all, they will be very impressed at the fact that you even know what the word means. It’s a legal term and it means to dismiss or throw out of court. Secondly, since you look like a professional law abiding citizen, they are likely to be more lenient to you in the event that you do make this request and throw out your speeding ticket. So looking nice and being respectful to the judge is key. Don’t sit there and try to argue why you do not deserve this ticket, just do what I’m telling you and your speeding ticket will be a think of the past. Worst case scenario you may have to take defensive driving. That will lower your auto insurance as well as remove the ticket off your record in a few months.

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