“I’m Watching You!” Says The Speed Camera Detector

So you’re driving along, going a little fast and you think that no one is paying attention… wrong! There’s a good chance that a speed camera detector is watching you and you don’t even know it! So be sure to adhere to the speed limits or you’re going to get caught eventually. Take it from me. I’ve made a career out of getting speeding tickets, so I know what I’m talking about. Let’s say that you are driving down the road, going a little fast, and a car comes out of no where, say an intersection where you can’t see the other side that well, then you get hit. You’ve got your story, and the other driver has his. But guess who saw the whole thing… the speed camera detector. Now this is not in every case. Of course, they are not in every intersection across America. There are a few cities that have incorporated these cameras in busier intersections to help monitor the situation. So be weary of that and know where they are so you can be better protected, and so you can be aware that you must adhere to the driving laws in your city.

Speed camera detectors are not only located at intersections. They can be on the interstate as well. You know those tall signs that wrap around the street, typically telling you what exits are ahead and what lane you should be in… well, those have cameras on them too. They monitor the traffic, and some television stations even air the traffic situation to give you a better idea of how the roads are at any given time. They can also detect speed, in most cases. Typically these are not used to catch speeders, but like I said, you never know when they are going to be used in that manner as the government and speed enforcement try and take back control of the roads.

So what happens if one of these speed detection cameras catch you? Typically they’ll send you a ticket in the mail. You can take defensive driving so it can get taken off your record. Also, defensive driving will help you lower your insurance rate as well, so make them aware of that. What I did last time I got a speeding ticket, I went to a comedy defensive driving school. Check your yellow pages or online if they offer that in your area, but if they do, take it if you need it because they are quite a hoot!

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