How To Avoid The Ever So Painful Speed Ticket!

Did you get a speed ticket? If so, you must have been going too fast and ignoring the posted speed limit. Did you know that you can fight it in court, or at least get a discount? Sure, if you ask the judge if you can get it adjudicated, sometimes they will listen to you. Be sure that when you go to court, dress up very sharp, look like youíre going to work after, maybe you really are, and they will cut you a break. Itís too bad that you have to go through this, but the judges really are extra lenient if you look like someone important or look like someone who has a career. And again, maybe you really do and that will help you. If you donít necessarily have to dress up for work or any other reason that day you show up in court, do so just to get your speed ticket dismissed. It will make a world of difference.

Now, in the future, you are going to want to avoid getting speeding tickets. So you need to slow down and know where you can speed and where you canít. Remember that cops like to set up speed traps. They like to hide in places where you least expect them. If you know your area well enough, you can set yourself up to avoid these hassles. You will know where it is that they hide out in and be ready when or if they want to come after you. Theyíll just go after someone who does not know any better. Know what I mean? So avoid those heavily policed speed traps and take alternate routes if you must. This will keep your record clean as well. I wish Iíd a learned that a few years back. As Iíve said before on other articles found on this site, Iíve been speeding for a long time. I get on average about 2 tickets a year so I know a thing or two about getting pulled over. Take it from me, itís not fun.

Be sure you donít speed in construction zones or school zones. Both areas will give you a speed ticket you donít want to forget. If you speed in a school zone, fines will often double. If you speed through a construction zone while workers are present, youíll get busted. Use common sense when driving and avoid these areas which are likely to get you a speeding ticket.

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