Is Beating Speeding Tickets Really That Easy?

I hear this question all the time on this websiteÖ is beating speeding tickets really that simple of a task? I mean, once you have a ticket, youíre done, right? Well, yes and no. There is a chance that after you are issued with a speeding ticket, that you can get it removed all together from your record or even dismissed. First, letís talk about how you can get it dismissed. Hereís what I would do. When you go to court, get all dressed up. Iíve talked about this on another article on this siteÖ so what you want to do is look educated and important. You may be both, but in this case you want to show the judge that you are educated and important. The more you project this image, the more likely the judge is going to believe that you are going to abide by all traffic laws. Itís kind of sad that in the world we live in we have to pretend to be something we may or may not be, but since this article is about beating speeding tickets, I need to give you all the tricks I know, politically correct or not.

How do you get speeding tickets off your record? By going to court and tell them that you want to take defensive driving. You have not technically ďbeatĒ the speeding ticket here, but at least it is not going on your record. Hereís how it works, when you go to court, theyíll discount your fine if you show proof of attending a defensive driving class. When you take the class, youíll have to pay them some amount, so overall you are probably out of pocket the same amount. So when you give them the proof, it will be removed after 90 days so long as donít get another ticket in that probationary period. Itís quite simple to understand.

So during this probation period, you donít want to speed at all or you risk getting yet another speeding ticket you are going to try to beat and at the same time, your last ticket may show up on your record permanently. So keep that in mind when you go out and are still in that probationary period. If I were you, Iíd stay out of school zones, construction zones, and other areas that you know are known for heavy policing of traffic. Itís just not worth it. On top of those steep speeding fines, your auto insurance is also likely to go up. Thatís another thing to keep in mind. So can you beat speeding tickets? Yes you can, but itís best to not put yourself in that position in the first place.

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