Speed Enforcement: Follow The Rules, Or Else!

Speed enforcement is something new that a lot of cities are trying to do these days. One example of this can be the undercover cameras. Often times you’ll find these at traffic lights. They will measure the speed as well as take a snap shot of your plate if you run the light. These do serve a great purpose and helps control the flow of traffic somewhat to a manageable pace. If people are aware that there are cameras out there monitoring the way they drive, they are more likely to drive in a much more controlled manner, avoiding chaos and mayhem. Now, that’s the extreme side of things, but they look at it that way to plan for the worst case scenario.

Another form of speed enforcement that I’ve seen before are those electronic signs on the highways and roads that tell you how fast you are going. This really helps control the speed of the traffic because it will make you aware of how fast you are going and if you have to adjust your speed, you can do so in a timely manner without being forced to do so. You’ve seen the signs… let’s say if you are doing 59 mph, it will flash a sign that says “You are going 59 mph” and you may even see it flash a few other numbers for cars next to you or if your speed is fluctuating at the same time.

Be sure that you don’t speed through school zones. It goes without saying, but if you are in a school zone and you get caught speeding, you’re going to get fined heavily. I mentioned this before, but one time I was driving in a school zone, it was a 20 mph speed limit. I was doing about 35 mph which is the regular posted speed limit when it’s not school season, so I thought I was ok. But I was not, the cop snagged me and gave me a pretty steep fine. That ticket was just over $300. Now, if you’re not ready for that, it will really hurt. Imagine if you don’t budget for that and all of the sudden you’re forced to pay a fine, and if you don’t your driving privileges will be revoked? I don’t like the sound of that at all… and even worse, that can cost you some serious money in the long run by not being able to drive and all… so be careful and drive according to the posted speed limit, then you won’t have to worry about all these speed enforcement deals going around.

Speeding Tickets